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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

P. Ribes, s.j.

Cut-throat competition leads to disaster and mutual destruction
The sea was vast and limitless. In that expanse of blue crystal-like water
lived all sorts of fish: big fish, small fish, young fish, and old fish; fish
of every colour, shape and size. All were equally happy and free. It was
fun to be a fish!

One day, “Greedy”, a small fish, began saying to himself: “I am fed up
just being one fish amongst many. I want to be bigger than the rest. I
want to be more powerful, I want to boss and dominate.”
He thought that the fastest way to grow bigger and more powerful was
to eat smaller fish. And so he began in earnest. Very soon, he grew
bigger and stronger. Now, he boasted of being the biggest fish in the
sea... Of course, he was greatly feared and highly respected by all.

When the other fish saw what had happened, they too, wanted to
become bigger and stronger. And so, without qualms of conscience,
the bigger ones began gobbling up the smaller ones. It was now, the
law of the jungle. ‘Might was right’. Soon, some fish grew very big
and powerful. The number of fishes in the sea, however, dwindled
fast. Yet, those... who improved in size and power, didn’t grow in

After many days, all that was left in the sea were two monstrous fishes,
“Greedy” and his rival. They could not live in peace. They were all out
to destroy each other. One day, they engaged in a deadly battle. It was
a fight to the finish. At the end “Greedy” won the day. He felt great. He
grew even bigger. He became the biggest fish ever. He had no rival, no
competitor! He had made it to the top!
5 18 5 But now, he was feeling lonesome. He had no friends, no companions,
and no competitors, no rivals to dethrone! Besides, now, there
were no fish left to feed on and grow bigger and stronger. Finally, in
frustration, loneliness, and sadness, “Greedy” died of starvation in
that vast empty ocean.


Competition is naked greed masquerading as a harmless
desire for improvement
Greed is the root cause of all quarrels, fights and wars between
persons and persons, families and families, nations and nations
If each one wants to have more than his neighbour
our world cannot survive
There is enough wealth in the world to satisfy everybody’s needs,
but not everybody’s greed
When “Greedy” had destroyed all his competitors,
“Greed” destroyed “Greedy”
Once greed enters into our hearts, it becomes sort of a
terminal killer cancer.

Courtesy:  Rev. Fr. Jerry S.J.
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash- Anand

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