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Thursday, 15 January 2015

P. Ribes, s.j.
photo : deviantart
Forgiving and forgetting is divine
Forgiving and not forgetting is human

A good and scrupulous person told his confessor: “Father, I feel guilty
for not being able to forget the people that hurt me”.
His confessor replied: “If I give you my advice will you take it?” “Of
course,” he said:

Then, from now on, every time a person hurts or insults you, hammer
a big nail into the wooden door of your room.

“But, Father,” he said, “The door will get spoiled!” “Never mind,” Father
replied, “Do that, all the same. You will not regret.”

Father added: “After doing that, every time you forgive the one who
hurt you, go back to your room and draw out one nail from the door.”

After some time, when the penitent met his confessor, Father asked
him: “By now, my friend, how many nails are still fixed on your door?”
He replied: “None, Father, but the door is full of holes and bruises.”
Father with a smile remarked: “So, praise God, I see that you have
already forgiven all your enemies! Yet, most of the bruises, scars and
holes of those injuries will likely remain for many days to come, both
on the door of your room, and in your heart as well!”

Forgive we can, forget we can’t
When God forgives us our wrongs, He forgets them too!
Unfortunately, when we - human beings - forgive
the wrongs done to us

Their scar-holes and bruises may remain for a long time
in our minds and hearts
Only God can heal them for us
Do not feel guilty for being human
Yet let’s strive to be divine

Story from : 101 Parables Stories and Fables - P. Ribes, S. J.

Rev. Fr. Jerry Sequeira S.J., 
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

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