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Thursday, 1 January 2015



We are the builders of our future
An elderly carpenter was about to retire. His employer asked from him
one last favour: “Kindly, before you retire, build one more house for a
friend of mine.”

The carpenter feeling obliged to his employer had to say yes. However,
with the thought of his retirement, he did his building job in a great
hurry and in a sloppy way. The final work was poor and shoddy.
When the house was completed, the employer handed over to him the
key of the new house and said: “My friend, this house is my gift to you
for your long years of serving me. Enjoy it!”

The carpenter, in a shock, said to himself: ”Oh, if I had known that
this house was to be my house, I would have built it in greater earnest
and in a much thorough way! Now, I’ll have to live in it, whether I like
it or not, till the end of my days”

Each day when we do anything at all, - unawares - we build the house
of our future, where we shall have to live until the end of our days
Someone said: Life is a do-it-yourself project
The attitudes we have, and the choices we make today, build the
success and the happiness of our tomorrow
Carefully and wisely, build today your future

Rev. Fr. Jerry S.J.
Gujarat Sahitya Prakash


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