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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Adapted from an anonymous story

Before you pass judgment on others, put your house in order

A young couple, Leo and Mary, moved into a new residence. Their
living-room was graced with big broad glass window panes.
As they sat for lunch, Mary remarked, “Look at the opposite building.

This family in front of our balcony has hung their wash to dry. See
how dirty they are. They don’t seem to know how to wash their linen white. I wonder what sort of soap they use. It must be the cheapest one. They must be very sloppy.” Every time their neighbours spread their wash to dry,Mary used to pass similar disparaging and critical remarks.

One day with surprise, Mary said to Leo, “Look! At last they seem to have learned how to wash their linen. How clean and bright it looks today.” Leo casually, with a mischievous smile, remarked, 

“Yes, darling, you are quite right. You know this morning I fancied cleaning our glass window-panes!”

Lesons for Life
To see others in the proper light
first clean the glasses of your mind
A good judgment demands an unbiased
and objective examination
Jesus said, “How can you see the spec in others’ eyes
when you can’t see the beam in your own eye?
Judge not and you will not be judged”
If you do not want to err, do not judge

Story from : 101 Parables Stories and Fables - P. Ribes, S. J.
Courtesy : Rev. Fr. Jerry Sequeira S.J., Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, Anand

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